Making of the Business Card

Business Card Final

The business card had been long overdue, and after more than a year of procrastination, its finally done. All I knew was that it must have (i) Perspective (ii) Type and I think I’ve finally got what I needed.

It all started with a couple of sketches on paper. For the longest time I didn’t know letter/word/glyph I wanted. Ultimately, I settled for the apostrophe and clicked a quick picture of my sketch on Photobooth which I used for my reference.


This I converted into a digital illustration and tried over a dozen different layout options –


Something was sorely amiss but I just couldn’t point my finger to it. The text was not sheared. As soon as that got sorted out, the card started to look much better but it was still quite empty. So, I added the second quotation mark on the top, which I drew on Illustrator itself 🙂

Voila !

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  1. satwikgade March 23, 2009

    Awesome work man!! Its easily the most original/unique business card i have seen. I admit i know very little of you, but i feel the typeface doesnt represent you that accurately. Not a critical view.. just a general thinking aloud sort of a thing

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