Addressing the Needs of the Multi-Lingual

It all started in Mumbai, where all brand names on hoardings had Marathi accompaniments. I feel stupid now that I don’t have any pictures but that is slightly besides the point. It was quite disheartening to see almost all hoardings have completely non-descript Marathi typefaces.

Why not something more appropriate I thought.

The more I thought about it, the more it started to make sense. All my conversations tend to start with either English or Hindi and end in the other. Sometimes even words from other Indian languages thrown in for good measure. This is the language I speak, the language we speak. But, what happens when we write ?

Why is it that when one tries to mix both when writing, no typeface really suffices ?

Why is it that the typefaces in Devanagari say nothing in particular themselves ?

Do they move beyond legibility, as forms open to manipulation, as forms that are more expressive ?

Is it possible to revive that ?

I was asked to create something that represents me, those who are like me. More than stylistically, can i do that functionally ?


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