Retina over Mind

I get easily distracted. I was working on creating something based on an earlier fontstruction for the portfolio I have to submit to college for a course, when I drew an ‘m’ and got sucked in.

I’ve been trying to draw letters these days, and drawing them with great intent and very consciously. The idea is to put all that I’ve read in books and observed in typefaces formally, and it really is no easy task. I was reading an article today by Elliot Earls titled ‘This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven & the Devil is Six, then God is Seven. Against Anti-Foundationalism.’ (available for download at TypeCulture). With regard to drawing type he says,

To be successful in this process, one learns that the mind must be quieted. The hand and retina must move in symbiotic lock step as they both trace the physical line. It’s through this process that one can learn to trust not the mind, but the retina.

My mind is most definitely still making a lot of noise, and I am listening to it. And in all honesty, I think I’m pressuring myself into doing too much too soon. Anyways, I digress. I started making a fontstruction a while ago, and here’s what it looks like,



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