Santosh Kshirsagar’s Workshop: A Calligrapher’s Methods to Type Design

The second workshop I attended at Typography Day was conducted by Santosh Kshirsagar. I had already attended a shortened version of the workshop around two years ago but it was fun nevertheless. The activity was in defined, and timed steps.

Activity One We chose any one letter from our mother-script and in a span of ten minutes, we wrote it in twenty different ways using only pointed tip tool. The idea was to stretch the letter to its limits.

Activity Two After completing the twenty versions we had to identify patterns in the letters and make groups.

The next sub-step in this was to put these patterns into two groups ‘legible’ and ‘illegible’. Now here I had a problem because within a pattern I could see letters that were both legible and illegible.

Activity Three and Four Here we had to repeat activity one but with a chiseled tool and then make patterns again.

Activity Five was to enlarge our favorite letter from activity three and define the baseline and the size of the ascenders and descenders. The emphasis was on defining these parameters according to the letter and not forcing it into guidelines. I missed doing this activity cause I had a flight to catch 😦

And here are the letters I drew in the workshop the last time around. Since I had the time, I made vectors out of the letters I made with a pointed tool.

And, the letters with a broad-nibbed pen and black ink,


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