Boru: Not a Display Fontstruction!

After trying out a bunch of display typefaces on Fontstruct, I decided it was time to try my hand on something far more serious than I have ever attempted. A legible, text typeface that is based on calligraphy as done by the reed pen. I only started work on this font, tentatively titled Boru, and this is what it looks like in a couple of sizes:

The first three images are simply screenshots from the preview on Fontstruct at different levels of zoom. And I just could not resist downloading the tidbits that are there and fiddling with them on Illustrator to see how the letters would look when they are in a word. Seeing these letters all together has begun to show all the things that seem wrong, and those which are right. But, all in all, I think I am headed somewhere.

That being said, I have also been working on Hongusky, about which I posted recently.

Most of the character set for Hongusky is done, and I have figured out majority of the spacing issues. The plan is to have a set of borders, rulers and rangoli-like patterns to go with the letters. As well as, some flourishes that can be added to the beginning and end of a letter/word. Lets see how all of that work out!

Its been a crazy, crazy week. Two out of three days in the week, I have been home, sick. Cuddled up with, what else but, my MacBook Pro – trying to do all the work that I would never get done if I was in office (that explains all the crazy Fonstructing). The good news is that I am done with almost 70% of my abstract for Typography Day. The bad news is that I still have the brief for Aksharaya sitting in my inbox and I have not the faintest clue about what I will do when I go to Mumbai (gasp!) next week.


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