Aksharaya Workshop and Camp 2010: Part I

Last week I went to Mumbai to attend Aksharaya Workshop and Camp 2010, and now I am back – richer by a lot of great experiences and conversations, and an Aksharaya tote bag! 🙂

We’re not allowed to share any images of the work we did there yet, but I guess I can slip in that what I did was an extension of this project, and this is what the girls’ bedroom looked like after a day and night of work:

I had the chance to meet lots of people at the camp – some I had met before like Prof. Kshirsagar and Sarang (who runs WhiteCrow Concepts and Design), and others whom I had email conversations with but, never actually met, like Hanif, and then those I had never met or spoken to but, seen the work of, like Noopur and Nikheel (who were two of the six artists exhibiting at Mocha Arthouse’s exhibition LetterFormative that took place earlier this year),  Lokesh and a whole bunch of people who have all worked for Grandmother India. With a few people in this group from Delhi, I think the time is set to get the ball rolling for an event like the Typostammtisch here.

The volunteers had done a wonderful job with the place itself, which was a holiday home in Alibagh. They had made beautiful calligraphy lamps that I forgot to photograph in all the work. I sincerely hope there will be pictures of them on Facebook soon. The food was great too, if only a tad spicy for my tame palette.

The camp was the most amazing way to spend a weekend. Of course, the meat of it all was the work everyone did and for that there will be ‘Aksharaya Workshop & Camp 2010: Part II’ very soon.

Nikheel’s post about the camp can be found here.


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