Project in Progress: Boru

A few months ago I had set out to make Fontstruct typeface based on traditional Devanagari letterforms, as drawn with a reed pen. The challenge was not only to accomplish this using the modular bricks available on Fontstruct, but to also refrain from using any bricks that had rounded parts.

Each letter must be constructed using only straight lines.

After laying dormant for a fairly long time, I finally went back to it a few days ago. Seeing this project was partly the reason for my return. When I saw Syzygy I thought the brief looked familiar, and that is when I remembered Boru. My own motivation for this typeface had come from seeing the large number of blackletter designs on Fontstruct.

The design is still far from complete, but progress has definitely been made. Here are the letters designed so far. Lots more left to do before this is ready.

Fontstruct doesn’t give one the chance to design half characters, and making matras work on it is nearly impossible. I wonder if it will be worth it to spend some time working out some ingenious hacks to make this design more than just a collection of letters, but a typeface that can actually be put to (even if it is only limited) use.

My last attempt at such a ‘hack’ was for this design, where I found a way of incorporating borders and frames by assigning the uppercase Latin alphabets to the them. It worked, but I wonder if it makes the font very hard to use. That, however is fodder for another post, another time.


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