World Philatelic Exhibition 2011

On Friday, I took the morning off from work and went to INDIPEX 2011’s World Philatelic Exhibition at Pragati Maidan with @sharmaeshan.

INDIPEX 2011, the World Philatelic Exhibition aims to bring the international philatelic community together to celebrate philately, and will provide a unique platform for interaction between all the philatelic stake-holders, viz. the collectors, the dealers, the philatelic journalists and publishers, the designers and security printers, and the postal administrations who issue stamps and stationery. The exhibition will be largely competitive and showcase some of the finest and rarest stamp collections from around the world. Stamps reflect the history, culture, ethos and concerns of nations and people, which makes stamp collection as a hobby interesting and educative.By showcasing the best philatelic collections, INDIPEX 2011 looks to attract many newcomers to explore the fascinating world of philately.

I had just about two hours for an exhibition that deserved at least a couple of days of see completely. While it was disappointing that I did not manage to see all the wonderful stamp collections on show, I did manage to photograph some letters and type and that absolutely made my day!

Tilak Historic Proclamation by Hussain | 1988

Take for instance this stamp, which was showcased in the India pavilion at the exhibition. This setenant stamp is in commemoration of Bal Gangadhar Tilak‘s famous political refrain – Swaraj is my birthright, and I shall have it.

Central to the stamp is a painting by celebrated artist M. F. Hussain. I love the strong and almost crude lettering and how it complements the simple line drawings. The Indian Post website has a page about this stamp outlining its description, philatelic information and production details. This page can be found here.


Pre-independence stamps from Hyderabad | 1866 and 1871
There was also an amazing collection of stamps from Hyderabad dating the late 1800s. First, are these stamps featuring calligrams. According to the information at the exhibit, these one anna stamps were designed in 1866 A. D. and their engraving was done by the English engraver John Rapkin. The plates were made at Nissen & Parker, London and the stamps were printed by the Stamps Department of the Hyderabad Mint. Nowhere was it mentioned what the calligrams actually read.

Next are these Sarkari or Service stamps, which instead of having an overprint, had  perforations. Only one sheet of 240 such stamps was produced in 1871.


Forces Inland Letter | 1972
Special Forces Inland Letters printed to pay respect to Brig. D. S. Virk on his retirement, on his contribution to the Army Postal Service of India as its head.


Darbar Stamps and their Typesetting | 1897


And finally, some interesting type from philatelic paraphernalia from across the world –


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