Typography Day 2011/In Three Dimension

Typography Day was a whole month ago, and at this rate I’ll not finish posting about it till the next edition. I’ll keep trying, and to be fair to the presentations, it is not like they are losing relevance with every passing day.

This post is about the projects of three-dimensional letterforms created by speakers Felix Ackermann and Mohammed Reza Abdolali.

Felix Ackermann – Perspectival Type
Felix Ackermann presented his graduate project called ‘Perspectival Type‘ created at Central Saint Martins in 2009. For this project, he has created a messaging system, which conveys three different meanings when viewed from from three different angles or perspectives. You can see the RGB cube below, as seen from four angles –

Of the many images shared by Felix, there was one visualization of the project in a manner as seen in the famous book cover design for Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas Richard Hofstadter.

He also showed us images from a project he has done for Queen Rania of Jordan – perspectival type that reads ‘Peace’ in English and Arabic both, depending on the angle one sees it.


Mohammed Reza Abdolali
The other presentation three-dimensional type was by Iranian graphic designer Mohammed Reza Abdolali. His work included two projects of 3D letterforms called First Mudbrick and Second Mudbrick, and the third one involved stereotypography.


More Three-Dimensional Type
My own love affair with three-dimensional type started around five years ago when I first saw Avi Haltovsky’s typeface Papercut. It completely blew my mind!

Papercut, and my obsession with the cover of Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid, had once inspired me to make my own 3D letter blocks, which become different letters depending on the angle from which one views it.


Ever since, I’m always on the look out for great examples of three-dimensional type. Most recently, I came across Kasheeda, a typeface that emerged from the Typographic Matchmaking projects of the Khatt Foundation. The typeface has been developed by Yara Khoury and Melle Hammer in collaboration with Freedom of Creation, as is available in both Latin and Arabic. It looks like just a banner of ribbon till you view it from the right angle. What’s more, one can get totally customizable products based on the typeface shipped globally.

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  1. Prasun April 13, 2011

    I saw some of them before in a book “font family”
    But “stereotypography” is just awesome.
    Mohammed Reza Abdolali did some awesome stuff.

    Thanks Pooja!

    • Pooja April 13, 2011

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Abdolali gave away these neat little booklets with 3D glasses – we should meet and I’ll get it along 🙂 What say, Prasun?

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