A weekend spent Fontstructing is a weekend well-spent!

True as hell that is. I read about the latest Fonstruct competition last weekend, and I was determined to enter this time – no laziness and no excuses. Here is my entry, Rise of the Cellphones

The theme for the competition this time is Illustration, and you can read all about the rules and how to enter here. It has been just a week, but there are some great entries up already. My favorite so far is Indonesian Woman, a collection of twelve different traditional styles of Indonesian women.

I started my own entry on Saturday with a blank canvas and blank mind, and decided to draw my phone (guess which one that is!) to just warm up. Before I knew it, the idea for the whole design was staring me right in the face. Hopping around the internet, looking for images and information on which phones to draw was great fun. Who knew that the first ‘personal communicator’ was the IBM South Bell Simon, which combined the features of a mobile phone, a pager, a PDA, and a fax machine. Yes, you read that right! The Simon was also nine inches tall. With this typeface at hand, a timeline chart with its own pixel typeface and arrows begs to be made. A plan for this coming week, maybe.

While on Fonstruct, I also remembered a design called Lighthouse. I bet I spent exactly one whole day obsessing over it, and then got distracted by something new. Ooh, look something shiny! But, here it is and it could do with some TLC this evening –

It is raining in Delhi and I had absolutely awesome food at home today. The day really does not get any better!


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