News from Fonstruct!

Today the results for the FontStruct “Illustration” competition were announced, and surprise, surprise, Rise of the Cellphone won! I saw their tweet saying that the results were out, and followed the link with some trepidation. The judges have said some really kind words about the design and the sample, and I absolutely love the yellow and black sample they posted on the Fontstruct blog.

Congratulations to the other two winners – xe Micropolis by Xenophilius and Abneurone Neuroticons by neurone error. A high-five, also, to Broti, whose amazing design, Moustaches and Beards, got a special mention from the judges. Here is to another lucky Friday, the 13th 🙂

The sample in the image above is from the Fontstruct blog, and the quote is by Gustavo Ferreiro aka @hipertipo.


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