Type in Transit/Metro Sans II

I’m in Bangalore, but that shouldn’t stop me from posting about Delhi! I spent a couple of days going up and down to Pragati Maidan before coming. I would spend a lot of time in the Metro when it was practically empty, and that means I managed to click a lot of photographs. This route features Metro Sans II in its LED displays – the sans serif with round shapes and a smattering of unicase letters.

I have begun the compilation of the Latin letters for Delhi Metro Sans II. A trip up and down the whole route should complete the set. Plus, there are numbers too. The design is on Fontstruct, and has twenty three uppercase letters, seventeen lowercase ones (with three unicase) and four numbers so far –

And, in related news, I saw a local bus in Bangalore with LED displays in Kannada. I hope can get some photographs; wouldn’t it be fun to do a short and snappy Bangalore edition of Type in Transit?


Comment 1

  1. R May 27, 2011

    This post made me very happy! Please do the Kannada version – I have always thought that the script (& Bangla, actually) are the prettiest in our country.

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