Lettering for Stitchers | Embroidery for Designers | Part One

I have very little patience and skill for any kind of needlework. When I was fourteen, a lot of my friends busied themselves in some kind of embroidery project or the other during the holidays. I felt pretty left out. I pestered my mother to no end, and finally against her better judgment, she took me to a store to pick up supplies. I got a bit over-ambitious, and embarked on a project that took me two entire summers to finish. After that, I swore off embroidery, for what I thought would be my entire life.

Recently, I came across Elsie Svennas’ A Handbook of Lettering for Stitchers on the internet. So many letters, so many styles – needless to say I was very, very excited. Just like the lace patterns I had found on H&FJ’s blog and digitized, I began work on the designs in the book. This has turned out to be more fun than I ever imagined! The book has fifteen styles in cross-stitch that I have started to convert. Four styles have already been digitized, complete with the borders and monograms featured in the book. They are up on Fontstruct, and the rest shall follow soon.

All these letters have inspired me to take up embroidery one more time. Sure, everyone uses disposable hand wipes and tissues now, but some old-fashioned monogrammed handkerchiefs would be cool, right? Or maybe towels! But, till I actually do some embroidery, and get the other eleven designs up, you can check out the four styles you see in this post on Fontstruct – Lettering for Stitchers ILettering for Stitchers II, Lettering for Stitchers III and Lettering for Stitchers IV.


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