The Devanagari Alphabet

Last evening, I came across my photocopied and spirally-bound copy of Achyut Palav’s book, Aksharanubhava. I had seen a copy of Aksharanubhava at Callifest about three years ago, and had found out upon inquiring that the book had gone out of print. In fact, Palav himself did not have a copy, and the one at the exhibition was borrowed. Before the exhibition ended we managed to get two photocopies of the book, one for me and another for him.

The book had images of his calligraphic artworks, many of which have reproduced quite badly. But the section of the book I needed most at the time was completely usable. That section is titled The Devanagari Alphabet. It contains a basic tutorial to learn how to write Devanagari using a reed pen, and is something that I still refer to often.

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