Delhi Typervention 3: Yes, it did float!

After missing the Typervention at Lodhi Garden a few months ago, I was determined not to miss another. So, when a new one was planned at Hauz Khas Village to profess our love to the village, the lake and design, I knew I had to be there.

[Photo Credit: Broti]

Has a fontstruction been floated before? I like to think ours was the first one. Made of paper fortune tellers, and about three feet tall and fifteen feet wide, this was the most ambitious typervention attempted so far. And yes, it did float!

Day 0
When Kriti and I decided to float something in the lake at Hauz Khas Village, it was supposed to be a small word — we ended up with nothing small, of course. Our word of choice, Hauz-e-Khas, the original name of the lake itself.

The plan was to construct the word using origami fortune tellers. We started with Hoefler Text Bold Swash Italic as a reference, and I built a template for the fortune tellers on Fontstruct. Six hundred fortune tellers and we’d be good to go!

Day 1
The Con Job
Over a dozen typophiles came to the Greenhouse on Sunday to help us make the six hundred fortune tellers needed to build the typervention. Kriti and I still have trouble believing that so many people showed up on a holiday to help us make this crazy idea a reality. A big shout-out to Bram, Ghate, Kassia, Broti, Arun, Bhanavi and everyone else who came to lend a hand!

We were supposed to float the typervention in the evening, but when we called it a day at 8:30 pm, there was still some work left to do.


Day 2
Too Dark, Too Windy
We met again on Monday and completed all the letters needed for the typervention. Sadly, by the time we got our letters to the lake, it was too dark and too windy to float them. We met a lot of evening joggers who stopped to look at the our letters and chat about them. It made my day to see some of them fish out their phones and snap up a few quick pictures!


Day 3
Now or Never
The humid weather in Delhi meant that we needed to float these paper fortune tellers as soon as possible. With every passing day they were becoming damp and deflated. Kriti, Broti and I met on Tuesday afternoon to float the typervention, come what may. A few young boys who hang around near the lake volunteered to help us put the letters in the lake. One of them even jumped in to the lake to kern. The ‘z’ sank even before all of ‘hauz’ was floating properly, but we got better at floating our letters after that. Kriti painstakingly kerned the letters with a wooden stick, and Broti clicked a ton of wonderful pictures.

[Photo Credit: Broti]

For our next typervention, we’re thinking of kites. If can float them, then flying letters shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Follow our adventures on the Delhi Typerventions Facebook group, and join us next time if you’re in the city!

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  1. William Leverette August 10, 2011

    Awesome bridging of digital and analog spaces. I love seeing how the ‘a’ holds its delicate form with well-chosen spans of string. And the ephemeral nature of the entire piece imbues it with a beautiful poignancy. Well done!

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