Readying for Reading: Homework

The last two weeks have been all about working on the homework we’ve received from Gerry. And since Kriti asked me to send her a list of our assignments, I thought it might be a good idea to share them, and my progress on the blog as well.

Summer Reading There is a list of books, journals, magazines and blogs to read. I finished reading The British Library guide to printing: history and techniques last night. Before that I re-read The stroke: theory of writing of the pen, and next on my list is Detail in typography. I’m waiting for my shipment from Flipkart. The books have been hard to find in libraries. I hope that I can get one of the Kinross books from the IDC library on my trip to Bombay next week.

FontLab Exercise We got a drawing of the word Condensed that we had to digitize in FontLab. I’m scared of bézier curves, so this was the assignment I jumped into doing first. I made a lot of messy starts, and cribbed and complained, but things got better. A print of the drawing and the digitization are peeking from under my books.

Drawing The last thing to do is drawing. We are expected to draw the key lowercase letters of four existing typefaces — Adobe Jenson, Plantin, Linotype Electra and FF Tisa. I felt very rusty while drawing, and so this part of the homework is on a bit of a hold while I get my confidence back. And to get my confidence back I have been drawing a lot. My favorite sketches are on a Tumblr blog called Letterrific.


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