Readying for Reading: Blogs/I Love Typography

I was under the impression that there was nothing on I Love Typography that I had not read before. Clearly, either I had missed some articles or forgotten all about them with time, so it is a good thing I went back. Following Gerry’s recommendation, I started off with the interviews and type history series, and then moved on to the articles on type terminology and the several making-of stories written by type designers.

The articles on OpenType made for a great read; more so because I recently read John Hudson’s essay, Unicode, from text to type. I know precious little about diacritics so the essay on that subject was useful, as well (I have since begun browsing through the Diacritics Project).

Interviews, with Seb Lester, Kris Sowersby, Neil Summerour, Ellen Lupton, Jean François Porchez, Jos Buivenga, Nadine Chahine, Stefan Hattenbach, Nikola Djurek, Ludwig Übele, Alice Savoie and František Štorm.

Type History SeriesHumanist, Old Style, Transitional, Modern and Slab Serif and The origins of abc [Link to Article]

Making of — articles about Vesper, Armitage, Acorde, Ode, the revival of Caslon (Part I and Part II), FF Duper, Founders Grotesk, Biome, Router, Newzald and Anivers.

eXtreme Type Terminology — Parts I, II, III, IV and V

A few things I’ve learned about typeface design [Link to Article]

Creating Grand Gargantua [Link to Article]

On diacritics [Link to Article]

Inconspicuous Vertical Metrics [Link to Article]

An Introduction to OpenType Substitution Features [Link to Article] and Engaging Contextuality [Link to Article]

The Font-as-Service [Link to Article] and Web Fonts — Where are we? [Link to Article]

Why did I start a type foundry [Link to Article]

Through Thick and Thin [Link to Article]

Genuine Imitations [Link to Article]

Arabic Calligraphy as a Typographic Exercise [Link to Article]


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