Readying for Reading: Blogs/Typographica

Going through the archives at Typographica has taken me much longer than I had anticipated. First, it took me over a week and some explicit instructions from Prateek to find the previous/next links on their website. Then, I fell ill, thanks to the rains in Bombay and the temperature drop in Bangalore, and was almost admitted to a hospital (I ran away refusing to be admitted, but that is another story).

A lot of articles on Typographica are introductions to essays or articles or books elsewhere, and that made it harder for me to go through everything. There is also a lot of short snippets, and responses to articles elsewhere (like this one on Gill Sans). Sadly, I feel quite sure that there is something relevant/interesting/useful that I have missed out.

Taking Your Fonts to Market: Foundry, Reseller, or Go Solo? [Link to Article]

The Webfont Revolution Is Over, Let the Evolution Begin [Link to Article]

The State of Webfont Quality from a Type Designer’s View [Link to Article]

Where Are the Women in Type Design? [Link to Article]

Making Geometric Type Work [Link to Article]

An Interview with Cyrus Highsmith [Link to Article]

An Introduction to RoboFab [Link to Article]

Microsoft’s ClearType Font Collection: A Fair and Balanced Review [Link to Article]

Type Spaces — How Aldus Measured Text [Link to Article]

In Defense of Regionalism [Link to Article]

Results: Screen-based Typography [Link to Article]

Simplifying the Arabic Alphabet [Link to Article]

Type Preservation [Link to Article]

The Origins of Spline-Based Fonts [Link to Article]


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