The September Itch

I have succumbed to the September itch for the third time, and spent the weekend giving my personal website and online portfolio a makeover. Given that I updated it with new work only once since the last redesign and will be tempted to redo the website this time next year, I have decided to keep the work on the portfolio limited to the projects I have done in the past year.

What makes me happy is that with every successive redesign, the help I have needed to write the HTML and CSS has reduced dramatically. This time I pulled off the development in a couple of days, and I can’t help but feel just a little proud. And at least today, I’m feeling pretty confident that next time I should be able to tackle everything absolutely independently.

Hop over to for more!

Thank you Dad for finding this tutorial and helping me fix one of the issues that had me stumped; Broti, for clicking the picture of me that is on the about page; and finally, Kassia, whose use of Century Schoolbook on her blog might have quietly brought about this itch in the first place.


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  1. Prateek September 11, 2011

    Excellent work Pooja. Given your decision to restrict your showcase to the last 365 days and the annual itch to redesign, have you considered preserving the previous versions of your sites on sub-domains like, v2.pooja… ?

    Also, I would suggest adding an ever so slight text-shadow to the home page text in order to improve readability over brighter portions of the background.

    • Pooja September 11, 2011

      Thank you Prateek!

      The reason I do a re-design is because I cannot bear to look at the old website anymore. So rather than v1,2.., perhaps I should add an yearly archive based on the current design. Also, will look up text-shadow and update soon 🙂

      • Prateek September 12, 2011

        Oh I know that feeling a little too well. I still maintain though that archiving this natural course of progression does more than serve as an embarrassing reminder of the times past. Jason Santa Maria will probably do a better job at convincing.

        Think about it.

      • Pooja September 13, 2011

        Maybe, just maybe, you and Jason Santa Maria have me convinced 🙂 Now, lets see how quickly I can put the older versions online.

  2. vijay September 11, 2011

    I do not understand your font fetish. Isn’t it all about reading (Reading) , and as long as someone can read it , with or without specs, why worry about the fonts?

    • Pooja September 11, 2011

      Because not all fonts are legible in every environment, because fonts speak to people in different ways, and there is a lot of scripts that do not have adequate fonts at all.
      Lol on the pun, by the way!

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