Readying for Reading/Draw or Die

Look, the e’s are laughing at me! And why won’t they—I have completely ignored all the drawing homework in the month that went by because I was too busy traveling, shopping and saying my goodbyes.



With barely a fortnight to go before I am actually in Reading, I’ve landed myself in a bit of a “draw-or-die” situation. I started afresh today, and have been feeling very, very inefficient and slow—maybe it is the stress of getting organized and packing, and the realization that I really am off in such little time. I need to find a way to calm down, and what better way to do that than to rant (read, blog)? So, here I am.

Progress has been slow, but thankfully not nothing at all.

My plan is to finish all my drawings by Thursday, which is possible if I do not allow myself the luxury of late mornings and getting distracted. Wish me luck!


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  1. mukund gokhale September 13, 2011

    While you will be in ‘Reading’ you will be ‘Writing too! We will be awaiting your next post at the earliest! All the best and good wishes to you in your pursuit!

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