Sangam—Text and Textile

When I left my job at Ishan Khosla Design this summer, one of my biggest regrets was leaving a project being done for the Australia India Design Platform in its infancy. This project was bringing together my love for letters and textiles, and I hated not being able to be a part of it right through the end. The studio was working on creating a mark for an initiative by the Australia India Design Platform called Sangam. After a design was created on the computer, a traditional artisan from Kutch was going to re-create it on fabric.

During the first round of brainstorming (when I was still working at the studio), I spent a lot of time looking at photographs I had clicked when I was in Kutch to find a craft which would inspire us to create letters. It was a classic case of typophilia, when I saw the letter B in this image. I tweaked around some letters in Illustrator to make a rough mock-up. Sadly, before the project went any further it was time for me to bid adieu.

When I saw this post on the studio blog a couple of weeks ago, I was very excited to see that not only had the project been successfully completed, but after exploring a lot of options, they had come back to this photograph and idea.

Clearly, a lot of hard work has been put in with the artisans to produce the final artwork. The studio worked with Kala Raksha, and Ishan traveled to Kutch a few times to ensure that things went according to plan. There is also some talk of expanding these five letters to the complete alphabet. I think that would be absolutely wonderful! The next two images are from their post Sangam—The confluence of Art and Design, which has a detailed description of the process that got them so far—a must read!

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