The Great Roller-coaster

The day was April 4, 2011 and I was sitting in office doing something mundane, knowing precious little about what a roller-coaster ride I was in for. A little before noon, I got a message from Pradnya. She had heard from KABK—she had been accepted to their Type]Media programme. Even though I was very happy for her, my heart sank because I had received no such e-mail yet. I waited and waited. I refreshed my inbox faster than it could load, over and over again. Nothing. So I made the customary phone calls, and made depressing predictions about the end of the world (for myself). Yes, I can be very dramatic when I like.

Lunch time came and went, I did not eat. I tried to concentrate on work, but I just could not. I decided to take a half hour time-out and just relax. I began working on my family tree and forgot my disappointment a little in trying to remember my great-grandfather’s name, and those of distant aunts and uncles. I pushed myself back to work, and soon my mail inbox sat utterly neglected.

At about half past three, I saw that I had received a new mail. The mail was not from KABK. It was, however, from Reading. My application to them had been successful—I was going to be a part of the MATD class for 2012! I didn’t hear from KABK for another ten days, and when I did hear from them it was obviously a polite rejection; they were focusing on people with more work experience, especially experience in the area of type design.

It is not every day that within a matter of hours your world goes upside down a couple of times. I’m sure there will be times in the coming year when under work pressure or stress or repeated failure, I will question my love for type and my decision to study typeface design. I hope that the memory of these few hours will remind me how much I want to be where I am.


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