The trip to London last weekend was my first time in the city. We (and by we I mean eight of us from the programme) stayed at Julie’s, who has the most beautiful home. Julie is a part-time MATD student—she began last year and will end with us next year. A friend asked me what I had done and seen in London, and all I could tell him was that I am a slow tourist. It is hard for me jump into doing touristy things. I prefer the daily sights and sounds of any city, you inevitably run into the more popular spots.

One afternoon, all of us walked to L. Cornelissen and Sons, an art supply store that the internet tells me has been around since 1855. The place was like Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, only for art supplies. Rows of pigments lined the shelf, and they looked more like ingredients for potions. I wasn’t looking to buy anything, and spent all my time clicking pictures.

On Saturday, Lisa and I decided to skip the boring fare available at the conference venue and decided to walk across the road to the Bloomsbury Fair for a quick lunch. Best decision ever! Not only did we eat some hot Indian/Pakistani food, we had churros for dessert. There was a public installation at the fair where people could create their own poetry and after sitting in dark auditoriums for two days, it was a sight for sore eyes.

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