Approaching end-of-term

This week was Gerard’s second visit to the department since we started, and things went very well until I encountered my arch nemesis, the lowercase /s/ once again. After spending Friday trying to work it’s design out, I still don’t have an /s/ that doesn’t look like it is falling over, or has weight in all the wrong places!

We had a wonderful early Christmas dinner with Gerard. He was also kind enough to bring chocolate alphabet from the Netherlands to celebrate an early St. Nicholas Day with us.

I began work on the Devanagari typeface that will work along with the Latin. After a lot of tests and some positive feedback, I think I have found a good direction to follow.


Next week, we have intensive sessions to prepare us for approaching our dissertations. I’m looking forward to writing a dissertation with more enthusiasm than seems acceptable. I have two research topics in mind, and I’m equally interested in pursuing both. I can already see that I will be completely torn when I have to choose only one.

End of term is approaching and it will be great to go into the holidays on a positive note, and that means knowing more clearly what I want to achieve with both the practical project and dissertation. It has been good going till now and I hope the next ten days will bring some more answers.


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