Book covers by Satyajit Ray

The internet, every now and then, throws up great surprises—The Satyajit Ray Film and Study Center at University of California, Santa Cruz makes available scanned images of over 200 book, magazine and journal covers designed by Satyajit Ray. Covers such as this one for the book Khai Khai written by his father, Sukumar Ray.


The collection includes about two dozen and a half covers of the literary and cultural journal, Ekshan, founded by Nirmalya Acharya and Soumitra Chatterjee. For every issue of Ekshan, Ray drew or wrote the journal’s name afresh.


There are also close to forty covers of Sandesh, the children’s magazine started by his grandfather, Upendrakishore Ray, in 1913, run later by his father and uncle and revived by him in 1961 after 27 years of being of going unpublished.


Satyajit Ray’s calligraphy, lettering, illustration and graphic design works keep making an appearance on the internet, but this is the most comprehensive online resource of its kind that I have found till date. All the images for this post were sourced from this collection and it can be accessed in its entirety here. For those looking for some context to see these images in, Jayanti Sen’s Looking Beyond: Graphics of Satyajit Ray would be well worth the read.

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  1. Karina January 29, 2014

    I discovered his works several years ago. His graphic works are great indeed. I particularly admire the way he used lettering in a decorative manner and yet managed to keep them readable.

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