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100 Book Pact — 25 down!

When the new year was still only a day or two old, I saw this and decided I was going to read hundred books this year. The last time I attempted this (and finished with ease) was more than ten years ago. I was in school, and the idea of reading a book in 2–3 days […]

Tales from Indian Classics

Since I got back to India a couple of months ago, I’ve spent a lot of time going through boxes in my parent’s house and sorting old books. In these boxes I’ve found a lot of unexpected things (the highlight, a 1893 edition of Chambers’ etymological dictionary) and some old favorites, like this set of […]

The Shape of Letters

During my trip to Ahmedabad a couple of weeks ago, I spent an evening with Kalapi and Satya discussing type. We were talking about how we learn to write, and Kalapi complained that the process of teaching children how to write Gujarati in schools is very hurried. They are quickly taught how to write the […]

The Devanagari Alphabet

Last evening, I came across my photocopied and spirally-bound copy of Achyut Palav’s book, Aksharanubhava. I had seen a copy of Aksharanubhava at Callifest about three years ago, and had found out upon inquiring that the book had gone out of print. In fact, Palav himself did not have a copy, and the one at […]


In the four weeks since I quit my job in anticipation of going to study this fall, I have bought and read more books than I had in the last year. The problem of where new books go has been a long-standing one, but when I couldn’t locate (a book as large as) Alan Fletcher’s […]