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Typography Day 2011/In Three Dimension

Typography Day was a whole month ago, and at this rate I’ll not finish posting about it till the next edition. I’ll keep trying, and to be fair to the presentations, it is not like they are losing relevance with every passing day. This post is about the projects of three-dimensional letterforms created by speakers […]

Typography Day 2011/Designing Type

Most presentations at Typography Day 2011 belonged to one of these  four tracks – type design; type and graphic design education; structural and three-dimensional typography; and revival and reform of scripts. This post focuses on talks from the first track. The Crash Course Young Vision Speaker and co-founder of Indian Type Foundry, Satya Rajpurohit gave […]

Typography Day 2011/Setting the Pace

Finally, it is time for (delayed) programming from Typography Day 2011. The reason it has taken so long for this post to happen is that I went to the conference camera-less and it is only recently that I managed to get photographs from Varghese. Being a typography event stemming from India, it is only logical […]

World Philatelic Exhibition 2011

On Friday, I took the morning off from work and went to INDIPEX 2011’s World Philatelic Exhibition at Pragati Maidan with @sharmaeshan. INDIPEX 2011, the World Philatelic Exhibition aims to bring the international philatelic community together to celebrate philately, and will provide a unique platform for interaction between all the philatelic stake-holders, viz. the collectors, […]

Aksharaya Workshop & Camp: Part II

I wrote about Aksharaya‘s Workshop and Camp here over four months ago with the promise to follow up that short post with a longer more descriptive one ‘very soon’. Even though this is not exactly soon, this is the apt time to share some more about it. Why, you ask – because on Thursday was […]

Return to Regular Programming

I haven’t updated the blog for close to two months, and if this is not a kick in the ass to be more regular here, I don’t know what is: Yes, the blog was shared by the Design in India team on their Facebook page. I found out today – a good week later, but […]

Aksharaya Workshop and Camp 2010: Part I

Last week I went to Mumbai to attend Aksharaya Workshop and Camp 2010, and now I am back – richer by a lot of great experiences and conversations, and an Aksharaya tote bag! 🙂 We’re not allowed to share any images of the work we did there yet, but I guess I can slip in […]