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Kaithi Handwriting Samples

I was thrilled to find a facsimile of Grierson’s Linguistic Survey of India in the university library. Plans to go and see the original at the SOAS library are afoot, but till then I’m happy with this one. I have borrowed the second volume of the fifth part; this is the one that covers the […]

The Queen, the Begam and the Princess

In his book One Language Two Scripts, Christopher King writes about a Hindi drama from late nineteenth century India — a personification of the language and script conflict in Northern India. In the play, Queen Devanagari pleads to Begum Urdu to return her rightful place. King believes that the drama needed one more character, Princess […]

From a line of traditional scribes

Whether one likes it or not, caste is a huge deal in India. Growing up reading stories of caste-based discrimination and atrocities, I always wanted to be as far away from the whole business as I could. The first time I ever thought about my own caste was when I was about twelve and a […]