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Devanagari to Bharati Braille Converter

Last year, the Delhi Typerventions group put up a Devanagari-Bharati Braille installation at Amar Jyoti School, an institute for the visually-impaired, in Delhi. I, of course, was in faraway Cupertino then, but it didn’t stop me from making a small contribution—designing the Devanagari lettering and composing it with the Braille. The most challenging part of […]


My parents are both from Kanpur (or Cawnpore, as the British called it). I grew up going there for the occasional summer holiday, and finding it worlds apart from Delhi and the life that I was used to. I knew that once upon a time the city was called the Manchester of the East, but […]

Design Conferences

I have been to two design conferences since I moved to Reading—TypoLondon and St. Bride’s Critical Tensions (where I tried to live-tweet once more and lost steam after the first day). I was witness to some good presentations and some bad, and my appetite for attending these events is quite full for now. I’ll be […]

The Great Roller-coaster

The day was April 4, 2011 and I was sitting in office doing something mundane, knowing precious little about what a roller-coaster ride I was in for. A little before noon, I got a message from Pradnya. She had heard from KABK—she had been accepted to their Type]Media programme. Even though I was very happy […]

The September Itch

I have succumbed to the September itch for the third time, and spent the weekend giving my personal website and online portfolio a makeover. Given that I updated it with new work only once since the last redesign and will be tempted to redo the website this time next year, I have decided to keep […]