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Computer History Museum

After weeks of not being able to make it, I finally spent a day at the Computer History Museum in Mountainview. It was one of the places I really wanted to visit before I head back home after the internship. The museum is currently home to a working model of Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine No. […]

Letters from San Francisco

I spent a weekend marred by illness and dissertation blues in San Francisco recently. While all the plans for my big getaway with Nirbheek did not quite pan out, the letters I saw on the streets were a source of constant delight! Since, I wasn’t carrying my camera on the trip, it was Instagram all […]

Dr. Samuel Johnson’s House

Before this term started, I visited Dr. Samuel Johnson’s house at Gough Square in London. The house has been preserved as a small museum. One can walk through all the rooms, read about the events and people in his life, and about the making of his famous dictionary. A facsimile of the first edition is […]


The trip to London last weekend was my first time in the city. We (and by we I mean eight of us from the programme) stayed at Julie’s, who has the most beautiful home. Julie is a part-time MATD student—she began last year and will end with us next year. A friend asked me what […]

Sangam—Text and Textile

When I left my job at Ishan Khosla Design this summer, one of my biggest regrets was leaving a project being done for the Australia India Design Platform in its infancy. This project was bringing together my love for letters and textiles, and I hated not being able to be a part of it right […]

Bangalore Diaries/A picture speaks a thousand words

In the second to last edition of Bangalore Diaries, I bring you the photographs I clicked in the city. I re-visited a street monument dedicated to unity in diversity, complete with letters from different Indian scripts; Kannada name-plates from outside people’s homes; multi-lingual signage; and the vernacular movie posters I absolutely adore. All these photographs, […]

Bangalore Diaries/The Run-up

On the last day of 2009, I moved to Bangalore for six months to complete my graduation project. The city welcomed me with scorching heat in the afternoon and beautiful rain in the evening as I sat at Peco’s and drank beer. In my slightly inebriated state, I made my first purchase in Bangalore from […]