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Kutch Diaries/Text on Textile

Always fun to see text on textiles, whether woven or embroidered! We met Ram ji Bhai at Kala Raksha. He is an Ikat weaver. Ram ji Bhai was very gracious to invite us to his home, and show us his looms and give us a demonstration. He had one of the most beautiful homes we […]

Kutch Diaries/Pixel meets Patola

In our hotel lobby in Bhuj, there was a framed business card for a Patola* store in the city. One look at it, and the first thing that came to mind was the pixel portraits Prateek makes. It is a pity that we don’t see traditional motifs like the one in the card make an […]

Amritsar and back!

I am back from a whirlwind one-day trip from Amritsar. The trip was really short and I didn’t click too many pictures, but there is still some lettering I couldn’t resist. Here, then, is an equally short post about those photographs. Golden Temple Inside the premises of the gurudwara, there are engravings of details of […]