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Kochi-Muziris Biennale’s mixed-script branding

A few weeks ago Rahul pointed me to the mixed-script logo for the latest edition of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale. The style of the Latin letters, which have already been a part of the art festival’s branding repertoire, has been extended to Devanagari and Malayalam; and the three scripts are used together to spell out the festival’s name. When I saw […]

Becoming an OPW intern

So many people around me love and work with computers and computer science that their passion has slowly rubbed off on me. I’ve picked up things along the way, and with every tidbit my fascination has only been fueled further. Lately, I’ve begun to feel the same way about FOSS. And just like computers, the […]

Review: The Hinglish Project

A few weeks ago, the Indian Ministry for Tourism launched The Hinglish Project, a new hybrid typeface that combines Latin and Devanagari letters to can help foreign tourists demystify the Devanagari script and make them feel more at home. There has been a lot of positive chatter about it on the internet; it has won […]

First Steps

In the last couple of weeks, we have started working on our practical projects—exploring ideas and testing them. In my weekly updates so far, I haven’t had a chance to write about the things I’m trying to do. This post remedies that. I’m planning to design a typeface for bilingual dictionaries (Latin and Devanagari). It […]

Fun in the Extra Weights

On Thursday after the MA induction, we had a short session with Gerry. He passed around a few specimens from last year’s class and asked us to rate them on the basis of “excellence”. And then together with the class, he listed criteria that could define excellence. Is the design functional? Does it meet its […]

The Devanagari Alphabet

Last evening, I came across my photocopied and spirally-bound copy of Achyut Palav’s book, Aksharanubhava. I had seen a copy of Aksharanubhava at Callifest about three years ago, and had found out upon inquiring that the book had gone out of print. In fact, Palav himself did not have a copy, and the one at […]