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News from Fonstruct!

Today the results for the FontStruct “Illustration” competition were announced, and surprise, surprise, Rise of the Cellphone won! I saw their tweet saying that the results were out, and followed the link with some trepidation. The judges have said some really kind words about the design and the sample, and I absolutely love the yellow […]

Rise of the Cellphone

Rise of the Cellphone – the Fonstruction I had started last weekend now has twenty six phones, one for every lowercase Latin letter. When I had made this design public, it had only eighteen phones. Still, it received some great feedback from the community – I couldn’t be happier! I practically spent every spare minute […]

A weekend spent Fontstructing is a weekend well-spent!

True as hell that is. I read about the latest Fonstruct competition last weekend, and I was determined to enter this time – no laziness and no excuses. Here is my entry, Rise of the Cellphones – The theme for the competition this time is Illustration, and you can read all about the rules and […]

Typography Day 2011/In Three Dimension

Typography Day was a whole month ago, and at this rate I’ll not finish posting about it till the next edition. I’ll keep trying, and to be fair to the presentations, it is not like they are losing relevance with every passing day. This post is about the projects of three-dimensional letterforms created by speakers […]

Project in Progress: Boru

A few months ago I had set out to make Fontstruct typeface based on traditional Devanagari letterforms, as drawn with a reed pen. The challenge was not only to accomplish this using the modular bricks available on Fontstruct, but to also refrain from using any bricks that had rounded parts. Each letter must be constructed […]

Boru: Not a Display Fontstruction!

After trying out a bunch of display typefaces on Fontstruct, I decided it was time to try my hand on something far more serious than I have ever attempted. A legible, text typeface that is based on calligraphy as done by the reed pen. I only started work on this font, tentatively titled Boru, and […]

Fontstructing Hongusky

Last year at Typography Day, I had attended Prof. Mahendra Patel‘s workshop [described in detail here], where @varghese2k and I had worked on a design together. I had vectorized the single word “Hongusky” after returning from Mumbai and had hoped to make a Fontstruction based on the design. Unfortunately, I got busy with college and […]


I had been working on updating my portfolio website for some time now. And for that I had been creating images for some of the modular typefaces I had developed during my research project in college. I think I finally hit the jackpot for Chaukor, creating an image that made me happy 🙂

Embroidery Patterns for the Digital Age

This post on Hoefler and Frere-Jones’ blog has had me itching to do something ever since I saw it almost a year and a half ago. The article remarks on the ‘pixel’s moribund existence’ and shares this Renaissance lace-book pattern, reminding the digital designer that the quest to create letterforms within the constraint of a […]