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Type in Transit — No. 23 in London

On my last trip to London, I spent a lot of time on the number 23 from Westbourne Park to Liverpool Street (and Liverpool Street to Westbourne Park), getting down and climbing back on whimsically. Armed with my camera phone and the will to stand next to the information display rather than sit comfortably, I […]

Type in Transit: Reading and London

There is tonnes of LED displays in the buses in Reading and London and inside the tube stations. I’m surprised I haven’t photographed more than I have. In London, there is always a hurry to get somewhere. Hopefully, over the holidays I’ll have more time at my leisure and compiling these images will be a […]

Type in Transit/Metro Sans II

I’m in Bangalore, but that shouldn’t stop me from posting about Delhi! I spent a couple of days going up and down to Pragati Maidan before coming. I would spend a lot of time in the Metro when it was practically empty, and that means I managed to click a lot of photographs. This route […]

Type in Transit/A new can of worms

Standing at Central Secretariat Metro station a couple of weeks ago, I think I opened a completely new can of worms. How did I miss the type on the outside of the trains? It has to be the crazy crowds and the rush to get in the train, that I saw it all the time […]

Type in Transit/Delhi Metro Serif

When I walked into the Metro on the Violet Line, the one with the latest coaches, my first reaction was that they have caught on to me. The LED displays on the train have Photography Prohibited stickers right next to them. It took multiple train rides, and an afternoon with empty coaches for me to […]

Type in Transit/Meet the Devanagari

It has been ages. Between traveling to Amritsar and Kutch, and Typography Day, Type in Transit has been all but forgotten. But not anymore. You have already met the Latin messages on the LED displays in the first two generations of coaches, now meet the Devanagari. . Spellings and Grammar The Devanagari messages fail miserably […]

Type in Transit/Standing at the Platform

A couple of days late, but it is finally here – the third installment of Type in Transit. This time, I’m out of the train, standing at the platform and trying very hard to click some clandestine photographs. What makes me particularly fond of the type in LED displays on the platforms is the fact […]

Type in Transit/Comparing the Metro Sans Designs

In this second installment of Type in Transit, I present to you the ubiquitous message of the Delhi Metro. From the first generation coaches to the second, the message transformed from Stand clear off the doors to Stand away from the doors, and the colors went from red to green, but those are not the […]

Type in Transit/Introduction

I love type on LED displays. The hours spent in the Delhi Metro are often bearable only because I stare at the information displays non-stop. I’ve been (unsuccessfully) planning to document all the type on these displays since my very first Metro ride four years ago. Sitting in the Metro last Friday, I decided I […]