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Standard Type Foundry

If you live in Delhi and you’re a typophile, there is no way you would have not found your way to Standard Type Foundry already. Not very far from the Metro Station at Chawri Bazaar, it is a place to go to! A post about the Standard Type Foundry is long over due, but every […]

Aksharaya Workshop & Camp: Part II

I wrote about Aksharaya‘s Workshop and Camp here over four months ago with the promise to follow up that short post with a longer more descriptive one ‘very soon’. Even though this is not exactly soon, this is the apt time to share some more about it. Why, you ask – because on Thursday was […]

Return to Regular Programming

I haven’t updated the blog for close to two months, and if this is not a kick in the ass to be more regular here, I don’t know what is: Yes, the blog was shared by the Design in India team on their Facebook page. I found out today – a good week later, but […]

Resources & Images: Typography from Bengal

I have been seeing some wonderful images and resources for Bengali typography the past few days. The first of these is the blog of Rarh Studio, a design collective based in Shantiniketan, West Bengal. The blog, called Rarh Design Magazine, documents folk and commercial design traditions from Bengal. Not only does the blog have a […]

Aksharaya Workshop and Camp 2010: Part I

Last week I went to Mumbai to attend Aksharaya Workshop and Camp 2010, and now I am back – richer by a lot of great experiences and conversations, and an Aksharaya tote bag! 🙂 We’re not allowed to share any images of the work we did there yet, but I guess I can slip in […]

Of Rekha by K.C. Aryan

The year was 2008, and I was in my first semester of research on Devanagari typefaces and typography. Sorely disheartened by the lack of any resources in the college library, I set off to all the libraries in Delhi, looking for something that would help. One afternoon I visited the library at the National Gallery […]


I’ll post details soon, but for the time being I must announce that I’m conducting one session at TypeShop, Delhi’s first series of typography-related workshops [as far as I know :p] organized by designer Ishan Khosla. I am super excited!


I had been working on updating my portfolio website for some time now. And for that I had been creating images for some of the modular typefaces I had developed during my research project in college. I think I finally hit the jackpot for Chaukor, creating an image that made me happy 🙂