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Book covers by Satyajit Ray

The internet, every now and then, throws up great surprises—The Satyajit Ray Film and Study Center at University of California, Santa Cruz makes available scanned images of over 200 book, magazine and journal covers designed by Satyajit Ray. Covers such as this one for the book Khai Khai written by his father, Sukumar Ray. The […]

Rupee Symbol – What Next?

It is a bit strange that the blog is yet to see a post about the rupee symbol. I’ve come close to writing one many times, both here and at *Appendices Attached, but it never quite came through. Deep down I think I always knew the reason for this delay – there was too much […]

How many Devanagari letters can you recognize?

Last afternoon while writing for Aahsome Magazine (more on that soon once I finish it tonight!), I remembered this questionnaire. I had made it back in college during my research project on Devanagari script and type design. I took it around my college and neighborhood asking everyone to take the quiz. It was the best […]

The Clearing House Book Covers

I recently picked up the latest issue of Caravan, a political and literary magazine, which has been recently re-launched after twenty years. What caught my eye in the magazine as I was flipping through it at the magazine-seller were images of book covers in an article about the poetry collective Clearing House in the seventies, […]

Of Rekha by K.C. Aryan

The year was 2008, and I was in my first semester of research on Devanagari typefaces and typography. Sorely disheartened by the lack of any resources in the college library, I set off to all the libraries in Delhi, looking for something that would help. One afternoon I visited the library at the National Gallery […]

Electricals Ltd

When I saw this photograph on Vidisha’s blog, I knew these letters would make for a fun experiment. That was a month ago, and now I have finally found some time to work with them 🙂 Update: See the complete set of twenty-six alphabets here.