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My struggle with the rupee symbol

The rupee symbol was a big bother when I was working on my MA project. Every time I thought about drawing it for my typeface project, I would end up confused, and give up even before I’ve put a single point on FontLab. I tweeted about my distress at the time, and Dan Rhatigan put […]


At the Rampur Raza Library, I saw a delightful book called Cheestan, whose description I had read in Katharine S. Diehl’s article, Lucknow Printers 1820–1850. Printed in 1839, this is by far the oldest children’s book I have had the pleasure of seeing up close. The book was produced by the Mohammadi Press, where it […]

Chasing curiousities

The last time Gerard (Unger) gave me feedback on my typeface, he introduced me to two typefaces by Monotype—Veronese and Italian Old Style. Monotype Veronese, as Christopher Burke writes in his article in the centenary issue of The Monotype Recorder, was one of the few typefaces that Monotype made at that time as a custom […]

Beginning the dissertation

Finding a topic I didn’t expect it, but the journey of finding a dissertation topic was very tumultuous. When I came to Reading, I had thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to do more research on Kaithi. In the course of the months, and after dissertation week in December, I was less and […]


My parents are both from Kanpur (or Cawnpore, as the British called it). I grew up going there for the occasional summer holiday, and finding it worlds apart from Delhi and the life that I was used to. I knew that once upon a time the city was called the Manchester of the East, but […]

Sajou Albums

In his last session of Typographic Delights, Twynman covered the subject of monograms. On exhibit that afternoon were various books on embroidery patterns. Most of these were Sajou Albums from the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. I got down to doing what I love to do and like the designs from Lettering for […]

Approaching end-of-term

This week was Gerard’s second visit to the department since we started, and things went very well until I encountered my arch nemesis, the lowercase /s/ once again. After spending Friday trying to work it’s design out, I still don’t have an /s/ that doesn’t look like it is falling over, or has weight in […]