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Week 5

Week 5 is over and we’re already halfway through the first term. The last week had two firsts—the first core seminar and the first Non-Latin session with Fiona. Monday → Typographic Delights, with Michael Twynman In this session with Twynman, we saw forms—receipts, certificates, registrations, deeds. All printed text that needs interactivity. Rafael D. has […]

Week 4

Since I’ve already written a lot through the week, here is the rest of week 4 in a collection of links and photographs (read about the demonstration of the Monotype System and the project we worked on with Gerard Unger). → Typographic Delights with Michael Twynman This week Twynman showed us cinema magazines, and we […]

First Steps

In the last couple of weeks, we have started working on our practical projects—exploring ideas and testing them. In my weekly updates so far, I haven’t had a chance to write about the things I’m trying to do. This post remedies that. I’m planning to design a typeface for bilingual dictionaries (Latin and Devanagari). It […]

The Monotype System

Today, we had a demonstration of the Monotype system. It was, without doubt, one of the most exciting and engaging machines I have ever seen, the others being at the Bhilai Steel Plant when I was about ten. As we see more of the resources at the department, one realizes what a privilege it is […]

Week 3

Time is going by faster than I would have ever imagined. It does not feel like I was in London just a few days ago. Blogging is becoming harder. I have so many things I want to write about, but I don’t even know when to write drafts. All I manage to do is document […]

Week 2

Monday → Burmese and Pali, with Nancy Cunningham Nancy is a lexicographer, and a friend of Ben’s. She came to the department in the morning to introduce us to Burmese. Burmese is a descendant of Brahmi, and was added to the Unicode Standard in 1999 (though it became very useful only after major issues were […]

Week 1

Tuesday We met Gerry who introduced us to our academic and practical projects. Through this term and the next, we will each present a book or collection of books to the class. I picked Robin Kinross’ Modern Typography: an essay in critical history. This book was also on our summer reading list and I had […]

Fun in the Extra Weights

On Thursday after the MA induction, we had a short session with Gerry. He passed around a few specimens from last year’s class and asked us to rate them on the basis of “excellence”. And then together with the class, he listed criteria that could define excellence. Is the design functional? Does it meet its […]