Japan Paper Cutting

My grandmother’s cupboards are always a surprising source of absolutely wonderful ephemera. Today, she fished out a little booklet called Japan Paper Cutting.

If you went to school in Delhi (or elsewhere in India?) in the nineties, and were as nerdy about craft as I was, then you have to remember the gentleman who would come to school, maybe, once a year and accomplish crazy feats of paper cutting with the air (and the costume!) of a magician. The idea was to impress us young kids so we’d bring to school Rs. 10-20 the next day so we could purchase the book that was filled with designs and instructions.

This booklet is probably even older, from the time when my grandmother used to be a teacher. The price behind it is just Rs. 2!

Here are some of the pages from inside:



I could never get around making any of these paper-cutting designs when I was a kid, I can’t help but wonder if my fingers have become any more nimble after four years of design school!


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